Sir Ravindra Jadeja Jokes

Here is a collection of new sensation in jokes category–Sir Ravindra Jadeja

  1. Sir Ravindra Jadeja pushed the crease back so that it can be a no ball.
  2. In a match, 177 runs were needed to win. Sir Ravindra Jadeja scored a triple century with the very first ball and the match was declared ‘draw’.
  3. The match officials went to Sir Ravindra Jadeja to decide the length of the pitch. He took one step and said: “that’s it”! From that day, the length of the pitch came into existence.
  4. Whenever Sir Ravindra Jadeja gets out, God cries and it rains. All the matches are abandoned therefore.
  5. Once Sir Ravindra Jadeja got angry with the concept of ‘match-fixing’. He hit the ball so hard that it moved to the sky and got fixed as the ‘polar star’. From that day, ‘match-fixing’ became obsolete.

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