Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of Phrsae You are Only Dead When You are Forgotten

Sanskrit tattoos have crossed the geographical boundaries of the Indian sub-continent as people from all over the world love to have Sanskrit tattoos translated and inked. I have myself provided these services to more than 500 clients.

The phrase they choose and ask me to translate–later on, once I deliver the image file, they get it inked on the body by some tattoo designer available near to their place.

I have also served a client who printed t-shirts using these tattoos. Here I am presenting a Sanskrit tattoo translation of the phrase that one of the clients sent to me–You are only dead when you’re forgotten. I am sharing the Sanskrit translation here with you so that if you want to use it you could do. I am also providing the transliteration version based on the IAST format so that users who don’t read Devanagari script could understand the pronunciation of the Sanskrit translation.

Sanskrit Tattoo Translation


Jīvanmṛtosi Yadā Smṛtyapetosi

You can use the tattoo freely if you would like. Also, if you have any question, feedback or suggestion, you can write to us through the comment section.

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