Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of Phrase Freedom From Temptation

Sanskrit tattoos and body arts are getting popular in a lot of countries, though people in India are still not very keen on getting inked with a phrase in Sanskrit.

I have got many yoga, mantra, and travel enthusiasts who want a phrase or a word translated in Sanskrit and tattooed on their body–some of them even have them printed on t-shirts or other items, etc.

I am just so fascinated by the idea of Sanskrit being a source of income in the modern world, while my generation was busy pursuing the English language and other foreign languages to make a career.

In this post, I am providing the Sanskrit tattoo translation for the phrase ‘Freedom from Temptation’.

Freedom from Temptation Sanskrit Tattoo

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, do write through the comment section. You can also order a fresh tattoo translation of your choice through the tattoo ordering page.

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