Names of deers in Punjabi

If you are a lover of wildlife, you will not find too many types of wild animals in Punjab. There are few but they are not as diverse as you may find in other states which has large areas of forests etc. Birds however are aplenty in Punjab too because a lot of migratory birds come and stay here during winter season.

In this post, I am listing the Punjabi names of five types of deers that are commonly found in India and can also be seen in various zoos across the country, and also in Punjab.

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English Punjabi
Hog Deer ਪਾੜਾ
Barking Deer (Indian Muntjac) ਕੱਕੜ
Spotted Deer ਚੀਤਲ
Black Buck ਕਾਲਾ ਹਿਰਨ
Rusa Unicolor (Sambar Deer) ਸਾਂਬਰ

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