Sanskrit sentences with their meanings in English

Continuing our series of providing Sanskrit sentences with their meanings in English, we bring another compilation of nice sayings and positive words.

As always, our main motive is to provide a variety of Sanskrit words and scenarios so that readers could exercise their knowledge of the Sanskrit language.

Sanskrit sentences with their meanings in English:

  1. व्यापाराः वात्सल्यप्रसवाः नैतिकाः। द्वेषप्रसवाश्च अनैतिकाः। (All acts that originate in love are moral. All acts that originate in hate are immoral.)
  2. यदा अाशानिवृतिः तदा शान्तिसमुद्भवः। (Peace begins when the expectation ends.)
  3. न प्रभवति हन्तुं कालकूटविषं सकारात्मकचिन्तकम्। न प्रभवति चिकित्सयितुं दिव्यौषधं नकारात्मकविमर्शकम्। (No poison can kill a positive thinker and no medicine can cure a negative thinker.)
  4. स्यात् स्वप्नः आकाशात् उच्चतरः सागरात् गभीरतरश्च। (Dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean.)
  5. क्रोशानाम् अर्धकोटेरहं पादचारिणी त्वत्साङ्गत्यकामिनी। (I would walk a million miles just to be with you.)
  6. वचांसि हन्तुं प्रभवन्ति। वचनप्रयोगे भव अप्रमत्तः। (Words can kill. Be careful when you are using them.)
  7. जीवने दातारः परमभाग्यवन्तः न तु ग्रहीतारः। (The happiest people in life are the givers and not the takers.)
  8. त्वज्जीवनेऽनिन्द्याः जनाः। सज्जनाः आनन्दप्रदाः। दुर्जनाः अनुभवज्ञानदातारः। पापिष्ठाः शिक्षाप्रदायिनः। प्रशस्ततमा संस्मृतिप्रदायकाः। (Never blame anyone in life. Good people give you happiness. Bad people give you experience. Worst people give you a lesson and the best people give you memories.)

(All translations are provided by Varalakshmi Kandregula)

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