Top 5 Semi-Automatic Washing Machines In India

Getting laundry done can be quite a chore, and in the quest to simplify the enormity of the task, many have chosen to go the way of automation. However, choices and preferences vary and based on budget and requirements; semi-automatic washing machines were born. If you’re wondering which machines will be perfect for you, here are the top 5 semi-automatic washing machines in India for you to choose from.

  1. LG P7853R3SBG Washing Machine (Rs. 12,590)


One of the most sought-after semi-automatic washing machines, this powerful 6.8 kg unit is perfect for a medium-sized family and budget. It comes with a roller jet pulsator for more efficient cleaning and a special collar scrubber for those tough dirt traces. The machine and the dryer have attached wind jet dry systems for quick drying, while the unit keeps rodents and harmful pests away with the tray with rat away technology.

  1. Samsung WT1007AG Washing Machine (Rs. 13,550)

This solid washing machine is perfect to handle large batches of clothes and comes with amazing features to simplify your life. To begin with, the lint filter keeps your clothes completely clean each time you wash them, while the special scrubbing walls of the tub ensure that even tough dirt is demolished. The machine’s silver nanotechnology keeps your clothes free of germs while its air turbo drying system is quick and efficient. The machine comes with an electromechanical wash timer that continues a wash cycle even if you face a power failure midway.

  1. Godrej GWS 6801 PPL Washing Machine (Rs. 11,700)

This hassle-free washing machine has a capacity of 6.8 L and comes with a powerful trio-roto scrub that takes washing to a whole new level. It includes a lint collection facility, end of cycle buzzer and adjustable legs to move your machine around the house easily. The spin shower removes all traces of detergent while washing, so you can be sure your clothes are washed clean.

  1. Whirlpool Superb Atom 62I Washing Machine (Rs. 8,700)

This powerful washing machine with its capacity of 6.2 kg is not for the fainthearted. It comes with a very powerful motor for thorough cleaning, a large wash tub and a smart impeller for efficient laundry. It includes a scrub station for hand scrubbing of stains or dirt if required, and a multi-utility tray on which you can sort and carry clothes. The waterproof panel prevents any damage due to water spills.

  1. Videocon VS70L11 Washing Machine (Rs. 11,547)

With a capacity of 7 kg, this washing machine with its three wash programs is a boon for anyone struggling with laundry. It includes a collar scrubber, agitator pulsator and center fall spin shower for additional rinsing. Its anti-bacterial technology ensures that your clothes are truly washed well, while the buzzer with volume control lets you know when your wash cycle is complete.

These neat machines get the job done as required, while also giving you greater control over the wash cycle, the extent of wash and much more. If you are looking for Semi-Automatic Washing machines under Rs 10,000, then you will find some great deals on Review Station. See: Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines under 10000 in India.

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