Sanskrit Sentences with English Meaning

In this post, we will try providing some Sanskrit sentences with English meanings so that readers who have started studying or learning Sanskrit from some sources could enhance their reading and understanding skills of this language.

These sentences are not particularly related to each and may be from different context but that will only enhance the versatility of the reader in understanding the different forms of Sanskrit sentences and translation.

Sanskrit Sentences with English Meaning

  1. हरेः पत्नी लक्ष्मीः। (Lakshmi is the wife of Hari.)
  2. साध्वोः शीघ्रं मैत्री भवति। (Good people become friends quickly.)
  3. गिर्योः मध्ये सूर्योदयः शोभते। (The sun looks beautiful (nice) between the two hills.)
  4. साधूनां दर्शनं पुण्यम्। (Seeing the saints is meritorious.)
  5. आपत्काले बुद्धेः परीक्षा भवति। (The test of intellect is during an emergency/trouble.)
  6. तत्र द्वयोः पङ्क्त्योः मध्ये स्थानं नास्ति। (There is no place between the two lines.)
  7. तत्र धेनूनां समूहः तिष्ठति। (A group of cows sits there.)
  8. शिशु क्रीडाङ्गणे पतति रोदनं करोति। (The child falls in the playground; weeps.)
  9. महाभारतं पठित्वा अहं अनेकाः कथाः जानामि। (Having read Mahabharata, I know many tales.)
  10. संस्कृतं सुलभम्। अतः अहं संस्कृतं पठामि। (Sanskrit is easy. So, I am studying Sanskrit.)


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