Sanskrit names of spices

Below is the list of Sanskrit names of some spices that are commonly used in the kitchen for various purposes including flavoring food items and also used as Ayurvedic herbs etc.

If you know the names of more spices in Sanskrit, please share through the comment section.

English Sanskrit Transliteration
Cardamom (small) तुत्था Tutthā
Cardamom (large) एला Elā
Salt लवणम् Lavaṇam
Black Pepper मरीचम् Marīcam
Mint पोदिना Podinā
Turmeric हरिद्रा Haridrā
Coriander धानी Dhānī
Cumin जीरकः Jīrakaḥ
Fennel शालेयः Śāleyaḥ
Cinnamon दारुगन्धः Dārugandhaḥ
Celery अजमोदाजातीयः शाकप्रभेदः Ajamodājātīyaḥ Śākaprabhedaḥ
Clove लवङ्गम् Lavaṅgam
Nutmeg जातिफलम् Jātiphalam

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  1. Namo Namah Vivek Mahodaya I just started learning sanskrit 6 months ago .In a sanskrit book that I have the word for lotus is ” kamalam”. The correct word you have given is ” sahastarpatram”. Not sure if I transliterated this correctly.

    1. कमलम् is the correct translation for the Lotus flower. I am not sure which post you are talking about but Sahasrapatram would also be the name that can be ascribed to the Lotus flower. It has many other names too.

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