Sanskrit Names of Metals and Minerals

Sanskrit Names of Metals and Minerals

The Sanskrit names of metals and minerals in English, Sanskrit are given below in a list. You can ask us if you would like to know the Sanskrit name of any other metal or mineral.

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Sanskrit Names of Metals and Minerals
English Sanskrit Transliteration
Silver  रजतं Rajataṁ
Brass पित्तलं Pittalaṁ
Lead सीसं Sīsaṁ
Copper ताम्रं Tāmraṁ
Tin त्रपु Trapu
Bell Metal कांस्यं Kāṁsyaṁ
Quick Silver पारदं Pāradaṁ
Mica अभ्रकं Abhrakaṁ

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    1. Aluminum was discovered as its own individual metal in 1824, which by then Sanskrit had essentially become a more or less a more rare language, and although it is still spoken in some Indian languages. As a classic language, it would therefore not have a noun describing aluminum and the word aluminium, as an imported word, is used by those few who still use it.

  1. Can any one help me the Latin Names (English Names) of the following chemicals / Metals / Minerals which I am giving in Telugu. These are the names we used in Telugu medicines. I need to find out the English names of then.

    1. Gangasindhuram
    2. Muddarasingu
    3. RasaSindhuram
    4. RasaKarpooram
    5. Mailatutti
    6. Gandhakam –> I know its Sulphur
    7. Paadarasam –> Its Mercury
    8. Engileekam

    Any help on the above is highly appreciated.

    – Namaskar.
    Kamesh. K

  2. shailendra singh

    please name following metal in Sanskrit
    strontium, berrylium, barium, sodium, magnesium, rubidium, calcium, caesium

    1. Tin metal
      It should be used in form of bhasam
      You can purchase it from any branded company like baidhyanath, himalaya drugs, patanjali
      It is better to take by any ayurveda doctor’s suggestion

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