Sanskrit Names of Feelings

Sanskrit Names of Feelings

The Sanskrit names of feelings in English, Sanskrit are given below in a list. You can ask us if you would like to know the Sanskrit name of any other feeling.

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English Sanskrit Transliteration
Emotion भावः Bhāvaḥ
Sorrow दुःखं Duḥkhaṁ
Joy आनन्दः Ānandaḥ
Laughter हासः Hāsaḥ
Cry रोदनं Rodanaṁ
Anger कोपः Kopaḥ
Pity दया Dayā
Fear भयं Bhayaṁ
Surprise विस्मयः Vismayaḥ
Shame लज्जा Lajjā
Pride गर्वः Garvaḥ
Forgiveness क्षान्तिः Kṣhāntiḥ
Passion उत्साहः Utsāhaḥ
Anxiety चिन्ता Cintā
Lust कामः Kāmaḥ
Longing उत्कण्ठा Utkaṇṭhā
Wish इच्छा Icchā
Envy असूया Asūyā
Love प्रीतिः Prītiḥ
Doting अत्यनुरुक्तः Atyanuruktaḥ

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