Sanskrit names of flowers from Hindi

It comes very handy if you know Hindi language and want to pick up Sanskrit too. The reason is that they have the same alphabet. So, if you can read Hindi, you can pick up Sanskrit quite easily and quickly.

In an effort to bring Hindi readers close to Sanskrit, we are providing Sanskrit names of flowers in both these languages.

We hope that our users will be benefited from this.

Here are the Sanskrit names of flowers from Hindi. This is provided due to the demand of our readers. I hope they will find this tutorial useful.

If you have any question regarding the pronunciation or would like to ask other flowers’ names in Sanskrit, please write to us through the comment section.

फूल पुष्पम्, सुमनः, कुसुमम्
गुलाब पाटलम्
ओडहुल जपापुष्पम्, ओड्रपुष्पम्
चमेली जातीपुष्पम्, नवमल्लिका, मल्ली
बेला वेला
कनेर कर्णोरः
जुहि यूथिका
कमल सहस्त्रपत्रम्, उत्पलम्, शतपत्रम्
मौरसिरी वकुलम्-पुष्पम्
टेसू किशुंकः
चम्पा चम्पकम्
नारङ्गी जाम्भजम्
चन्दन श्रीखण्डम्
केतकी कैतकम्
खिला फूल विकचम्, सफुटम्, प्रफुल्लम्, विकसितम्
बन्द फूल मुकुचितम्-पुष्पम्
मुरझाया फूल म्लानम्


29 thoughts on “Sanskrit names of flowers from Hindi”

  1. @aruna

    Daisy–वसन्तसमये यवसप्ररोही शुक्लदलः क्षुद्रपुष्पभेदः

    I am not sure about Marigold but it is perhaps called something close to “शयपत्री”.

  2. can any one tel me the name of dahlia,tiger lily,tulip,iris,poppy,zinnia in sanskrit.

    and want my ans before 8/11/11

    shubham ekapure.


  3. i want names of 10 common flowers with hindi english and sanskrit versions…pleaseeeee…..its my home work and i have to summit it on 8th…pleaseeeeee…..!!…help meh outt..!!

    1. Well, I am not very sure about Lalitasahasranama, but कदम्ब is referred to as ‘white mustard’ or perhaps also called मुण्डेरी।

      I am not sure about the other name you are asking because its spellings are not clear. Perhaps it’s not a flower name but a property of a flower. Please provide the spellings and then I will check it.

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