How fake job advertisement and over-committed companies generate negative marketing?

Negative marketingI am writing this article from my personal experience. There are two cases that I will discuss. One relates to over-committed or god-knows-how (and why) companies, while the other deals with fake job advertisement on job sites. Both of them generated negative marketing and earned bad names for them.

Case I

Around six months back, I got a call from a very popular company in India. The call came from a consultant from Bangaluru while the job was for Delhi. After understanding the requirements and job description, I went for the first round. I was received well and the interviewer had a detailed discussion about what they are seeking and whether I could fit in the environment. Overall, this was more sort of a informal meeting where they wanted to hit and establish the initial rapport. I came back from the interview satisfied.

A few days passed before I heard again from the consultant. The company was happy with my portfolio and they wanted to go for the next round, which was supposed to be the final round and it was to be with the COO of the company. I mentioned that I will have to take a leave from my present company–I wanted to check that my leave did not go waste. The consultant specifically mentioned that it was for the final call and negotiation. Later on, the HR department of the company called me and confirmed my timings for the interview. They also mentioned that this was the final call and almost for the offer-letter of the job.

Elated, I went to the company. I reached early and waited for the stipulated hour. It was to be at 4 in the evening. After waiting, when the clock struck the time, I was informed by the HR lady that the COO was busy and could not meet me. I was thrown off the world. How come you could waste my time, money and all the emotions. I asked for the reason. She mentioned that the COO was busy. Why? Why you called me, fixed an interview, made me wait all the while?

But anyways, I returned home. But to top all this tragedy, I never heard from them again. What about your business, dear lady? The consultant called me to confirm whether I was selected. I told her the scene. She felt sorry and never called back again.

Now, my writing this article would sound or look like an emotional outburst. However, it is not. Because if it had been, I would have cried six months back and not now. What prompted me to write this article was the case no. 2 which happened recently.

Case II

I was exploring the opportunity to move back to my native place in Punjab. I searched on the popular job site for a possible job. One of the oldest and biggest computer company in India had posted a job. They wanted trainers who had experience and the salary was up to 6 lac per annum. This is far below of what I am presently getting, but I was interested to move back to my home-town and therefore was looking to explore the opportunity. I applied for the job. Got no reply. I called the contact number that was given in the job posting. The person told me that it was a freelancing opportunity (1st cut). Then I was told that it is for 2 days a month (2nd cut). Then I was told I would be paid 2,000/- per day meaning 4,000/- in total (3rd cut).

I was surprised. How could they post such fake job postings on the site. Why they don’t mention all the details but only the wrong information.


Perhaps nobody takes care of these things. However, being a writer and enthusiast for the entrepreneurial environment, I would like to mention that entrepreneurs should take care of such glitches and should never commit the same mistake. Fake and fraudulent messages could generate a lot of negative marketing for your ventures. Always make sure that you stay away from bad word-of-the-mouth.

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  1. Inderpreet Singh Dhindsa

    Dear Vivek

    As an MNC employee, I also used to had some job interviews in my past and present also. Please be patient, about the time of interview schedule. Some companies take their time very precisely and seems to good reputation in the market.

    Sometimes HR dept. wants to check your different stages as the time goes on. sometimes they make you wait for 2 hrs or more from the time of actual schedule, but never think they are just wasting ur time. At that time they may check ur way of behaving with scenario.

    In sales jobs, it is very common. HR tries to take you in hall on time but make you wait for long time. It is to check your patience for the Detroit times you can have with any client in future. Sometimes they also ask unrelated questions during interview……….So, I suggest to keep patience that time….

  2. @Inderpreet Singh Dhindsa
    Well, you are right Inderpreet. Sometimes, they check your patience. But I won’t agree to a point where they just says that because a person is busy, he can’t take a scheduled interview and I never heard from them again. To top it all, I had already cleared the first round and this interview was more for negotiations. My job was to head the content part of a world-famous website (I am deliberately avoiding naming it) and I don’t think it falls in sales department.

    As the content head of a website with one of the world’s largest media companies, I also have experience and know a bit of tactics that HR department might use. But this was a procedure but utter failure and mishandling. For such important posts, you should not trivialize the process.

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