Sanskrit Company Names

If you are looking for some Sanskrit company names, you have landed on the right page. To get a Sanskrit company name, it is important to decide whether you want a name translated or transliterated in Sanskrit or want to pick an original word from Sanskrit.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to know the name of any other company.

Apple ऐपलः
Google गूगलः
BlackBerry ब्लैकबैरी
Microsoft माईक्रोसोफ्टः
Twitter टविटरः
Nokia नोकिया
Samsung सैम्सङ्गः
Motorola मोटरोला
Ford फोर्डः
Volkswagen फाक्सवैगनः
Audi आडी
Maruti मारुति
Suzuki सुजूकी
Honda हाण्डा
Adidas ऐडीडासः
Nike नाईकी
Reebok रीबाकः
LG ऐलजी
Mercedes मर्सीडीजः


78 thoughts on “Sanskrit Company Names”

  1. Hii
    Plz suggest a good hind / sanskrit name for a start up of a pharmaceutical company
    We are Team of 5 aggressive passionate team
    Kindly suggest

  2. Dear sir,
    i want to start my IT infrastructure solutions & Service technical company please suggest a nice matching sanskrit name.

  3. hi vivek,
    Very soon I am starting a shop for beauty products and organic agro products but not getting proper name for company , could you please suggest any good sanskrit name for company?

  4. Dear Sir
    I am starting a Event Management but not getting proper name for company please suggest any good sanskrit / English name for company?

  5. Hello Sir,

    Can you suggest a company name that will primarily focus on Engineering, construction and services related. Appreciate if the name is short, easy and dont cause possibility of spell errors while saying.

    Regards, Ravi

  6. नमस्कार विवेक सर मैं विगत तीन वर्षों से मशरुम की खेती करता हूं किरपा कर फर्म का नाम तय करें। संस्कृत अथवा हिन्दी भाषा में हो, प्रथम अक्षर ह,ड,तथा द्वितीय न,श,म,द,झ, ञ हो अथवा मशरुम, किरषी से सम्बन्धी आप के अनुसार जो भी मुझको प्रस्तावित।

  7. Komal Meharchandani

    Hello sir,
    I am going to start interior designing company. can you please suggest something.


  8. Dear Sir ,
    I am 60 yrs and I want to start a travel agency ( air,train,bus ticketing and cab ). Kindly suggest a good name in sanskrit and to reach international.

  9. we want to change our company name to Sanskrit and we are into roads and infrastructure, please suggest a very good and innovative name

  10. Hi, Could you please suggest me name of conglomerate – multi-industry company name which be like a parent company and this parent can have many products. Like Tata Group is the parent company and it has many products like 1MG, Voltas, Croma, Tanishq, TCS, etc. Thanks in advance

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