Sanskrit Names of clothes and wears

There are many types of clothes and wearable that are available in different parts of the country that are quite common in usage across the world, and therefore knowing their names could be handy. So, if you are looking for Sanskrit names of clothes and other wears, this post will help you.

Below are the names of clothes and wears that people use in English, Hindi, and Sanskrit. If you would like to know any other name, put it in a comment. Otherwise, we would also like to know your feedback about these tutorials.

Sanskrit Names of Clothes

English Names of ClothesHindi Names of ClothesSanskrit Names of Clothes
Shirt, coatकुर्ता, कोटकञ्चुकः, निचोलः
Blanketलोई, कम्बलरल्लकः, कम्बलः
Saree, Sariसाड़ीशाटिका
Dhoti (Indian Wear)धोतीअधोवस्त्रम्

19 thoughts on “Sanskrit Names of clothes and wears”

  1. i want a name which could suit my present khadi business and also for my newly started ethnic wear showroom in the same premises in this we deal all mill variety and also readymades of boys and gents and now we want to add ladies and girls items in this showroom so i want a new name which suits for all clothes and it should be like a brand for my establishment thank u in advance

  2. i want to know various names of dresses and jewelleries in sanskrit plz.
    can u give it in a word file………….plzz

  3. what do we call skirt, blouse, shirt, headband, bangles , socks in sanskrit?
    Actually I’m a student from Texas and as a cultural week we gonna have to do these words in sankrit.
    Please help fast cause’ I have to submit on 9 August.

  4. Hi,
    I am shortly opening Women’s cloth shop .I wanted to keep shop name in Sanskrit . Can any one suggest me some names.

    Thanks & regards,

  5. Hi
    i want to start my garment line. can u suggest some sanskrit or marathi names for same.
    name should relate to art , embroidery , creation , create.

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