Sanskrit baby names starting with s

Sanskrit baby names starting with s

If you are looking to find some Sanskrit names starting with the letter ‘s’ from, which will be ‘स’ in the Sanskrit language, you have landed on the right page.

We are providing only a few of them and of course, you can choose from a variety of others. If you want to ask or clarify some name, you may write to us in the comment section.

संदीपः सरस्वती
सुकेषः सरला
सुकान्तः सरोजा
सुगमः संतोषी
सोमेशः सुकेषिनि
सोमनाथः स्वाति
सुग्रीवः सुलेखा
शङ्करः शिल्पी
स्वस्तिकः शाम्भवी
शुभाङ्कः शान्ता
सचिनः शारदा
समरः शैलजा
सुमितः श्यामा
स्मितः सौन्दर्यः

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