5 creative business ideas off the sleeve

Here are 5 creative business ideas that you can try. They are just creative ideas and of course a lot of hard-work will be needed to make them break-even or go profitable.

  1. Visit various strata of the society or different states of India and video-record how women celebrate the festival of Karwa Chauth. What are the beliefs associated with it, and how working women face the dilemma of going to office/job and still maintaining the decorum associated with this festival. If the video goes viral, you have a popular digital property. If you have the bandwidth to expand on this, you actually might have a YouTube channel to run. Without doubt, you can monetize your videos.
  2. Write a book on street businesses in India that are popular state-wise. You will need to do by actually visiting some famous street vendors and learning from them the modus-operandi of their businesses. You will also need to have a good camera to take pictures. I am sure you will have lots of lessons to share with entrepreneurs and also many stories from those small-scale entrepreneurs.
  3. Launch a website that talks about funny and weird things in the Indian society. Draw comparisons among mythological characters and the present-day stars. Criticize taboos and fundamentalists. You will have a lot of viral-ity on the social media.
  4. Create an iOS or Android app that provides support and help for Sanskrit enthusiasts. You won’t believe that but there are more than 100,000 searches that go around the Sanskrit word. The market can be expanded given the authenticity and creativity that you can bring in that app.
  5. Start a news portal in the regional language. Regional language websites are hit and there’s a huge potential of readership when it comes to vernaculars. You might notice that big media houses like BBC, NDTV, BCCL have various verticals in regional languages.


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