saBunk Beds for Girls

You might think that bunk beds are better suited for boys’ bedrooms, but considering the fact that little girls need just as much –if not more—space for playtime and storage, as well as sleeping room for siblings or sleepovers, bunk beds can be the ideal solution. Fortunately, there are bunk beds on the market that are designed especially with young ladies in mind.

Does your daughter adore dolls and everything that goes along with them? Perhaps bunk beds designed to look like a life size dollhouse would be her dream come true. You can find these beds in a loft design, with a bunk on the top and open space for playing beneath it, or traditional twin beds stacked atop one another. Designed to look like lovely little houses replete with shuttered windows and detailed woodworking, these bunk beds often come in pastel colors and offer storage space for her favorite toys as well.

A variation on the dollhouse theme is beds that are constructed to look like those you might find in a dollhouse. These wooden beds are often painted white and trimmed with gold and boast fanciful, scrolling designs in the woodwork. Your little girls will feel like living dolls when they sleep on such a set.

Girls can usually use more closet space, so why not select a bunk bed set that includes an integrated wardrobe? Unlike the conventional style of bed-upon-bed, these bunk beds are usually set up in an L-shaped design to make room for an open or enclosed cabinet with shelves and a closet rod built right in.

What little girl doesn’t fancy herself a princess? Outfit her with a bed that fits her royal personality. Bunk beds come in an array of castle designs and colors, from pinks and purples to silver, gold or white. They typically have a tower or two along with painted-on embellishments such as bricks and ivy. Windows and doors make these beds the perfect spot to quietly read a book, enjoy an imagination-filled playtime or simply snuggle in for a nap.

When choosing bunk beds for the little women in your life, seek out designs that will spark their creativity as well as those that relate to their favorite pastimes, hobbies or daydreams. Not only will you find a space-saving, attractive piece of furniture, but you will also make your girls feel as special as they are.

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