Interview with Prakash Wakankar: All India Radio Cricket Commentator

Prakash Wakankar is a leading businessman with a proven track record across industries and exposure to varying environments in the Indian sub-continent and the Asian & Far Eastern region over the past 24 years. However, his interest in Cricket has allowed him to pursue a career in Cricket commentary for All Indian Radio.

He has himself played Cricket at the National level and have been doing Cricket commentary for the last 27 years. He studied in various parts of country, though majorly in Punjab and Pune, which helped him gain some passion for languages also. He was asked to pursue a career in commentary based on his language proficiency.

He observes that too much Cricket could mar the future of any team by taking a toll on the body of the players.

We present a telephonic interview with Prakash.

7 thoughts on “Interview with Prakash Wakankar: All India Radio Cricket Commentator”

  1. Hellosir , I want to become hindi commentator.How can I become a commentator .please tell me………………….

  2. sir i like english commentary very much.I often do in my home town i have done in local tournaments and also in division tournaments.What should i do for becoming a an english commentrator

  3. I am currently helping an Indian doctor who wants to practice medicine in the UK to improve her English and pass the necessary language proficiency tests. I have recently discovered Prakash as part of the TMS commentary team in the current India England Test series. I had no hesitation to recommend to my friend she listens to Prakesh too as an example of how English should be spoken.

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