Reaction from Pune based tech Startup SpiderG on Twitter Seva launched by Government of India

Ashwani Rathore, CEO and Co-Founder, SpiderG:

  • Key expectations from the Twitter Seva

Twitter Seva from Government of India is a great initiative. It will support budding entrepreneurs.

Below are key expectations from the Twitter Seva:

Splitting up of regulatory issues: This Twitter Seva should split-up regulatory issues related to Startup ecosystem and work towards the fullfiment of promises made during the Startup India initiative

Single Point of contact for grievances: It should act as a single point of contact in routing grievances in real time to the concerned officials/departments

Awareness about Twitter usage: Even now, there are quite a few entrepreneurs from smaller cities who are not well versed  with Twitter. The government should make demo videos and online tutorial programs to explain the usage of twitter and this service

Seamless communication: There should be smooth communication from Government with timely response

Implementation: This service should be successfully implemented and there should be timely analysis of its impact in order to keep reinventing the wheel

Direct messaging facility: Direct messaging in the inbox should be made public and should get timely reply from the government. Government should make necessary settings on their twitter handle so that even if they are not following particular startup they should get direct message from them

  • Key caution areas that the government should keep in mind, while operating the Seva
  1. This service should only be used for official purpose and there should not be any trolling on this platform. Government should hold accountability and take necessary steps to avoid such incidents.
  2. There should be set of instructions for entrepreneurs explaining what kind of queries needs to be asked and kind of suggestions to be given on this platform pertaining to specific department
  3. Since Government has just entered into social media domain they need to be on their toes and ensure quick response

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