Rashi names in Sanskrit

A lot of people like to know what are the names of Zodiac names in their Sanskrit and they find it exciting to know their own signs in this language.

For the convenience of those users, we provide the list of Rashi names (zodiac signs) in Sanskrit from English.

English Sanskrit Transliteration
Aries मेष: Meṣaḥ
Taurus वृषभ: Vṛṣabhaḥ
Gemini मिथुन: Mithunaḥ
Cancer कर्क: Karkaḥ
Leo सिंह: Siṁhaḥ
Virgo कन्या Kanyā
Libra तुला Tulā
Scorpio वृश्चिक: Vṛścikaḥ
Saggitarius धनु: Dhanuḥ
Capricorn मकर: Makaraḥ
Aquarius कुम्भ: Kumbhaḥ
Pisces मीन: Mīnaḥ

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  1. Please tell me the sanskrit names of seagull, ahinga, frigate-bird, lapwing, oyester catcher and crane pleas please. 🙁 🙂 ;( 😉

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