Random but latest Rajnikanth jokes

1. When Rajnikanth weighs himself for a regular health check-up, the machine gives the measure as secretly wished by Rajnikanth.

The machine obeys his wishes.

2. Rajnikanth’s cellphone does not have a SIM from any company.

He can make calls just by ordering the device to do it.

3. Once Rajnikanth forgot to take the keys of his car.

He did not want to go to his 40th floor flat and ordered the car to open the door.

The car obliged. Later, Rajnikanth ordered the engine to start and drove off.

4. Once, fluorescent bulb was saving more electricity in a house than a CFL.


The manufacturing company of that bulb was: Rajni Electricals.

5. Once a crow and a cuckoo came to Rajnikanth to solve the problem of their color.

How people could easily recognize them.

He asked them to pronounce his name. The cuckoo did and got a beautiful voice.

However, the crow could not and could caw only.

Now, everybody can recognize them from their voices.

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