Rajnikanth jokes on Apple

1. Rajnikanth once bit an apple and threw it away. In appreciation, this was picked as the logo for the company Apple, Inc.

2. Rajnikanth’s iPhone turns into a DSLR whenever he wants it to be.

He does not use any app for this.

3. The iPhone versions made available in the market are the ones that Rajnikanth has already used and found outdated.

When he moves on, the world gets the latest version of iPhone.

4. Rajnikanth can turn fruits into gadgets and companies.

Therefore, people say that the world was not better when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits.

5. Rajnikanth buy an iPod, iPad, iPhone or an iMac everyday. He believes strongly in the saying:

“An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away!”

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