Pre Nursery Rhymes in Hindi on a Parrot

Writing pre nursery rhymes in Hindi is never easy–I mean I have never tried it, and when I actually sat to write them, I was at loss of words. I was not able to pick the subject about which I wanted to write–the understanding and conceptual knowledge of pre nursery school children are so tiny that you can’t think of too many things, yet the art lies in making them excited about these 3-4 liners so that they could express themselves.

I am definitely getting better at it and hopefully, some of these poems will be used while teaching my own daughter, and some of them may find a home in some other children’s heart too.

Please do write through the comment section if you find any of these rhymes interesting enough.

Pre Nursery Rhymes in Hindi


पानी पीकर दो गिलास

बुझ गई तोते की प्यास

देख के खाली चूरी की थाली

उसका मन हो गया उदास


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