Telugu Names of Dry Fruits

It’s very interesting to know the Telugu names of various dry fruits as some of them are similar to what they are called in other languages including Tamil and even Hindi.

We are providing 10 names of dry fruits in the Telugu language–if you can contribute and provide more names, please feel free to write through the comment section, and help other users.

Dry Fruit Names in the Telugu Language

Sl. No. English Telugu Names
1 Almonds బాదం (Badham)
2 Apricot నేరేడు (Neredu)
3 Cashew nut జీడిపప్పు (Jeedi pappu)
4 Dates కర్జురా పండు (Kharjoora Pandu)
5 Dried fig అత్తి పండు (Athi Pandu)
6 Peanut వేరుశెనగ (Veru Shanega)
7 Poppy seed గసగసాలు (Gasagasaalu)
8 Raisin కిస్మిస్ (Kismis)
9 Walnut ఆక్రోట్ (Aakrot)
10 Pista పిస్తా పప్పు (Pista pappu)


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