Poem on Coronavirus in Hindi for Class 4

Here is another short poem that I wrote on the ongoing tragedy of Coronavirus, which has engulfed the whole world in its devastating embrace, leaving almost no country untouched with its infectious spread.

Feel free to use the poem in any way that you feel like. It can be used by the children of around fourth standard.


Poem on Coronavirus in Hindi

कोरोना महामारी है

विपत्ति बड़ी भारी है

कोई ना देश बचा इससे

ग्रस्त दुनिया सारी है

पर यह हमको बतला गई

क्या वस्तु सबसे प्यारी है

सेहत ही सच्चा धन रे भइया

बाकी सब बेकारी है

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