Poem on Coronavirus in Hindi for Class 2

Here is another poem that can be used by small children detailing various aspects of the Coronavirus tragedy that the world has undergone. It is written for children of maybe up to the fourth standard. However, anybody can enjoy it, if they feel like.

Feel free to use it in any way if you feel it is worth spreading the message among young children:

Poem on Coronavirus in Hindi


कोरोना आया

सब को सताया

सब हाथ जोड़ें

हाथ ना मिलाया

बाज़ार बंद हो गये

कुछ ना मिल पाया

बच्चों ने जन्मदिन

अकेले ही मनाया

जो ना कहना माने

पुलिस ने भगाया

सब्ज़ी वाला भी अब तो

मॉस्क पहन के आया

साफ-सफाई रखकर

कोरोना को हटाया

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