Oriya Names of Vegetables

List of Oriya names of vegetables from English

Here is a list of Oriya vegetables names from English. If you would like to know Oriya name of any other vegetable, you can contact us or leave your comment. If you have any suggestions or feedback to make these tutorials better, we will love to hear from you.

Oriya Names of Vegetables
Oriya Names of Vegetables
Brinjal ବାଇଗଣ
Turnip ଶାଲଗମ
Tomato ବିଲାତିବାଇଗଣ
Radish ମୂଲା
Potato ବିଲାତିଆଲୁ
Cabbage ବନ୍ଧାକୋବି
Cauliflower ଫୁଲକୋବି
Carrot ଗାଜର
Onion ପିଆଜ
Chilli ଲଙ୍କାମରିଚ
Ladyfinger ଭେଣ୍ଡି
Cucumber କାକୁଡ଼ି
Gourd ଲାଉ
Bitter Gourd କଲରା
Snake Gourd ଛଚିନ୍ଦା

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  1. Well, Tinda is a Punjabi name and its English name is Indian round gourd or Indian apple gourd. It can be confused for Kundura in Oriya but it is not that.

    I guess it is called “tinda” only as it is not commonly found in Oriya but native to North India only.

  2. OUU – It is known as outenga in Assamese, chalta (চালতা) in Bengali, ouu (ଓଉ) in Oriya. Elephant Apple in English.Botanical Name Dillenia indica

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