5 Features of Ubuntu Desktop Edition

Features that can help you decide switching to Ubuntu as your operating system

While considering to use Ubuntu as the operating system, there are many questions in the minds of beginners with Linux. It is pretty important here to note that there is nothing left in Ubuntu that you will desire–it offers all the applications and all the software. Here are 5 most desired features that one would like to have in Ubuntu.

1. OpenOffice gives you freedom to use Word Processor, Presentation and Spreadsheet. So you can feel free that you won’t be missing Microsoft Office while you use Ubuntu.

2. Integrated email and calendering allow you to manage your emails. Evolution is the application that will help you to do it. You can import your mails from Microsoft Outlook to use them in Evolution.

3. You can use Tomboy to have notes on desktop. It is pretty helpful in maintain a record of the events that are to come and what you might plan to do.

4. F-spot enables you to handle graphics and pictures. It can handle all types of pictures including JPEG, GIF, TIFF, RAW. You can easily edit your photos using this tool.

5. Rhythmbox media player allows to handle audio and video requirements. This is a very good software to make you don’t lose track to your favorite music and video.

With these 5 features included in desktop edition of Ubuntu, you can’t think of anything other that is so simple to use, free of cost and protected from virus threats. For more information regarding this, you can go here.

1 thought on “5 Features of Ubuntu Desktop Edition”

  1. All the things you have listed are available in KDE/Kubuntu as well — probably in a much better and cleaner (think mono) form.

    So, what exactly is your point just promoting Ubuntu when the features are there in pretty much every distribution out there?

    Let’s not force Ubuntu into a M$-like monopoly as far as Linux is concerned.

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