Oriya Names of Seasons

List of Oriya names of seasons from English

The Oriya names of seasons in English and Oriya are given below in a list. If you would like to suggest to make these tutorials more interesting or would like to give your feedback, you can post your feedback in the comment section.

Season ଋତୁ
Spring ବସନ୍ତଋତୁ
Summer ଗ୍ରୀଷ୍ମଋତୁ
Rainy Season ବର୍ଷାଋତୁ
Winter ଶୀତଋତୁ
Autumn ଶରତଋତୁ
Cold Season ହେମନ୍ତଋତୁ

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  1. ଲର୍ଷାଋତୁ this is called Larsharutu but correct name is Barsharutu. so kindly change this to correct name.

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