5 things you need to know about Ubuntu

What you need to know about Ubuntu

Here are 5 important things that you need to know while you start installing and using on your system. You will need to note them if you are a Window user and trying to upload Ubuntu on your system. Feel free to leave your comments and any feedback if you would like to share.

  • You will need 256 MB of RAM and minimum of 4 GB of hard disk to install Ubuntu on your system.
  • You don’t need to provide a separate partition while you install Ubuntu on your system. Unlike other Linux systems, it just checks for 10 GB hard disk space that is free and can do without asking for a separate partition.
  • While you are uploading Ubuntu on your system, you can migrate your accounts from Windows from the following components:
  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Wallpaper
  4. User Picture
  5. My Documents
  6. My Music
  7. My Pictures
  • If you want to test run using Ubuntu CD on your system before actually installing it, you will need 384 MB of RAM in your system.
  • While you can access all the files of your drives in Ubuntu, you won’t be able to access what was on your desktop while you used Windows. Any file that is there on you Windows desktop won’t be accessible to you when you use Ubuntu.

4 thoughts on “5 things you need to know about Ubuntu”

  1. Firstly, Ubiquity will create a new partition so point 2 is wrong.

    Secondly, you can access your desktop from Windows – unless you install using Wubi.

  2. On my ubuntu system, I can acces all my windows files by mounting it. It reads it as a Media drive. Of course, I have ubuntu installed on a separate partition.

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