One word substitution

Starting with a new series of one word substitution, we present a list of such words that can convey the same meaning as conveyed by a full sentence.

A government in which all religions are honoured. Secular
A person who starves his body for the good of the soul. Ascetic
Money paid to employees on retirement. Gratuity
To preserve from extinction. Perpetuate
The state of being unmarried. Celibacy
The pain that is tormenting or acute. Excruciating
To compel a person to do a thing by force. Coerce
To wander from the main theme. Digress
Free from blame. Irreproachable
To throw light on something difficult. Elucidate
A formal accusation or charge against a person. Indictment
A medicine that produces the desired effect. Efficacious
A disease inherited from birth. Congenital
Practice of spying. Espionage
A substance that can be consumed by fire. Combustible
Talking disrespectfully of sacred things. Blasphemy
To free anything from germs. Sterilize
A nation that is fond of fighting. Bellicose
An effect which has reference to what is past. Retrospective
A medicine which prevents putrefaction. Antiseptic
Ordinary and common place remarks. Platitude
Amount paid to a person for work done by him. Remuneration
A rise and fall in the waves. Undulate
Taking out a man from some difficulty. Extricate
A medicine that induces sleep. Narcotic
To deprive a thing of its holy character. Desecrate
One who walks in sleep. Somnambulist
To unearth by digging. Excavate
A partner in a business who takes no active part. Sleeping partner
One who does not show favour to anyone. Impartial
To detract from the importance of anyone. Minimise
One who is insensible to kind thoughts or sympathetic feelings. Callous

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