One word substitution–5

Going ahead with our list of ‘one word substitution‘, we present more words as they keep coming. These words are intended to give the exact meaning of a sentence by a single word. These types of lists come pretty handy if you want to improve your vocabulary in English language.

Trade prohibited by law. Illicit
Capable of two interpretations Ambiguous
Without payment or recompense. Gratis
A written declaration made on earth in the presence of magistrate. Affidavit
Society where money is the most important consideration. Materialistic
Property inherited from one’s father or ancestors. Patrimony
A man who is always prepared to find fault with others. Censorious
Something open to objection. Objectionable
The cloth that is able to keep water out. Waterproof
The study of language. Philology
Hopes were dashed to the ground. Frustrated
A hater of mankind. Misanthrope
A person who helps a helpless person in difficulties. Samaritan
A scheme that can be put into practice. Practicable
State of being married. Matrimony
Animals which suckle their young ones. Mammals
Giving and receiving. Exchange
Anything that destroys the effect of poison. Antidote
One who does a job for monetary considerations. Mercenary
More advanced for his age. Precocious
Easily made angry. Irritable
A vote which decides issue in hand. Casting vote
One who spends money lavishly. Spendthrift
A leader of undesirable persons. Ring-leader
To talk ill of a person in his absence. Backbite
Worthy to be remembered. Memorable
That child has no equal. Unique
A child brought up by those who are not his parents. Foster-child
A person who is an agent between two persons or parties. Go-between
That which has no equal. Incalculable
Strong enough to resist attack. Impregnable
A child not born of a lawful marriage. Bastard

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