One word substitution–29

Continuing our tryst with our exploration of ‘one word substitution‘ list, we present more words as they keep coming. These words are intended to give the exact meaning of a sentence by a single word. These types of lists come pretty handy if you want to improve your vocabulary in English language.

The science of diseases of the human body. Pathology
A forecast to the result of a disease or illness. Prognosis
Affecting the lungs. Pulmonary
Confinement to one place to avoid spread of infection. Quarantine
A disease affecting scattered groups of people. Sporadic
The mosquito which transmits yellow fever. Stegomyia
An instrument used by physicians for listening to the action of the heart and lungs. Stethoscope
A powder or paste used for cleaning teeth. Toothpaste
Fainting or death due to lack oxygen. Asphyxia
An examination of a dead body, postmortem. Autopsy
A frame on which a dead body is conveyed. Bier
The dead body of an animal. Carcass
Dead and decaying flesh. (esp. of animals) Carrion
Underground caves with burying places for the dead. Catacombs
A place where dead bodies are interred. Cemetery
A monument set up for persons who are buried elsewhere. Cenotaph
The dead body of a human being. Corpse
Disposal of a dead body by burning. Cremation
A vault beneath a church used for burial. Crypt
Killed by an electric current. Electrocuted
To treat a dead body with preservatives to avoid putrefaction. Embalm
An inscription on a tomb. Epitaph
The practise of putting a suffering person painlessly to death. Euthanasia
To dig up a corpse. Exhume
Murder of one’s own brother. Fratricide
A vehicle for taking dead bodies to the cemetery. Hearse
The act of killing a human being. Homicide
Murder of a new-born child. Infanticide
To die without leaving a will. Intestate
The property left to someone by a will. Legacy
Murder of one’s own mother. Matricide
A very expensive and elaborately built tomb. Mausoleum

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