One word substitution–30

Continuing our tryst with our exploration of ‘one word substitution‘ list, we present more words as they keep coming. These words are intended to give the exact meaning of a sentence by a single word. These types of lists come pretty handy if you want to improve your vocabulary in English language.

A place where bodies of persons found dead are placed for identification. Morgue
A place where dead bodies are temporarily placed. Mortuary
An account in the newspaper of the funeral of one deceased. Obituary
Murder of one’s own father. Patricide
Occurring of one’s own father. Posthumous
A pile of wood on which a dead body is burned. Pyre
Murder of a king. Regicide
Mass for the dead,a piece of music composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person. (s) Requiem
Rising from the dead. Resurrection
A stone coffin,especially one made of limestone. Sarcophagus
Murder of one’s own sister. Sororicide
The act of killing oneself. Suicide
The cloth which is wrapped round a dead body. Winding-sheet
The process by which plants take up mineral salts in solution through their roots. Absorption
Soil washed down and carried away by rivers. Alluvium
At home equally on land or in water. Amphibious
A plant whose life-cycle completes in a year. Annual
The feelers of an insect. Antennae
The process by which plants manufacture food. Assimilation
A plant whose life-cycle takes two years to complete. Biennial
A slimy substance between the wood and bark of a stem. Cambium
The green coloured pigment in the leaves of plants. Chlorophyll
The pupa of a moth or a butterfly. Chrysalis
The central or innermost part of a fruit. Core
The seed-leaves of the embryo. Cotyledon
Trees which lose their leaves annually. Deciduous
An instrument for making holes in the soil for seeds. Dibble
Plants with two seed-leaves,e.g. Lime. Di-cotyledonous
Absence of rain for a long time. Drought
An organism in its early stages of development or an organism in the process of developing its distinctive form. Embryo
Generic scientific name for animals. Fauna

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