One word substitution-2

As we move forward, we bring the second list of ‘one word substitution‘, giving the exact meaning of a sentence by a single word. These types of lists come pretty handy if you want to improve your vocabulary in English language.

That which cannot be engaged. Irrevocable
The statement is absolutely clear. Explicit
Confusion of mind. Embarrassment
Which cannot be pierced through. Impenetrable
Information considered to be reliable. Authentic
A movement which cannot be suppressed. Irrepressible
The science of vegetable life. Botany
A place where birds are kept. Aviary
To atone for all sins. To expiate
A room for storing grain. Granary
Deviation from the common rule. Anomaly
A lady’s umbrella. ¬†Parasol
That which cannot be hurt or wounded. Invulnerable
To run the risk of losing one’s life. Jeopardize
To carefully think about a matter. Deliberate
To change one’s mind so often. Vacillate
To frighten a person with the purpose of getting something out of him. Intimidate
To increase the gravity of an offence or the intensity of disease. Aggravate
An oft repeated truth. Truism
The murder of one’s own mother. Matricide
A member of the middle class. Bourgeois
A general pardon by the government to political offenders. Amnesty
To happen simultaneously with another event. Synchronize
That which cannot be counted. Innumerable
That can be explained. Explicable
Place of permanent residence. Domicile
A place for invalids or convalescents. Sanatorium
That we say about a man after his death. Epitaph
A speech made for the  first time. Maiden
A speech made without previous preparation. Extempore
Unable to pay one’s debts. Bankrupt
Hand-writing which cannot be easily read. Illegible

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