Mumbai Climate

Mumbai climate can easily be classified as humid throughout the year. Due to its proximity of the sea and tropical zone, Mumbai climate remains same during the year. The yearly climate can be classified in 3 different seasons: winter that stays between November-February, summer that stays between March-May, and monsoons season that stays between June-September.

On humidity grounds, the months between March and October are characterized by high humidity. On the other hand, dryness persists from November to February.

As already mentioned, Mumbai is close to sea and therefore the temperature in summers does not rise too much like other parts of the country where it sometimes crosses 44 degree Celsius. During summers, the temperature rises up to 35°C. During the winter season, the maximum temperature rises up to 25 degree Celsius. The minimum temperature in summers and winters lies around 25 and 15 degree Celsius.

It rains heavily in Mumbai and when it does, it lashes many parts of the city. Mumbai receives around 2,200 meters of annual rainfall.

For visitors, the best months for visiting Mumbai would be marked from October to February.

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