Enterprise Cloud Services Launched by Canonical

You have heard the popularity and usability of Ubuntu Cloud system and know how it helps enterprises to work faster? Now there’s more. Canonical has launched new professional services to help and support users building private clouds in enterprises.

In April, Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), was looking to make headway and this new launch will now mean that UEC is a part of the Ubuntu Server Edition technology stack. UEC is helpful in creating couds that match the interface of Amazon EC2 but are customized according to the needs of the enterprises.

By providing creation of these private clouds, Ubuntu becomes the very first Linux distro to provide such a system. If an enterprises builds a private cloud with UEC, it can optimise server use and increase data-centre efficiencies. It will also help to lower costs.

Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical, said: “Enterprises are realising that building ‘private clouds’ enables them to better manage variable workloads, while reducing the waste of idle servers. Building on open-source technology also avoids the issue of vendor lock-in. Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud enables businesses to do this – and the addition of these services helps them to do it with confidence.”

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