Manmohan Singham: A new marketing flick

When I first saw this video shared by one of my contacts on FB, I was not very much interested in it. Too much violence should not be used (or could not be effectively used) to convey a message that is intended to establish peace and stability.

However, when looking at another angle, I was inclined to write about it.

Just check about its creator:

They created something very funny but contemporary. They also made contextual inputs in the name of captions. The overall presentation got viral on web and almost everybody is saying that this is hilarious beyond compare. (I still do not say this!)

Overall, this flick will do hell lot of good to the website as users will logon to their URL directly to know what more they have to offer.

Now, if you are an entrepreneur and want to start an online venture in the field of entertainment, creating such viral videos could prove to be the best marketing idea. It involves almost negligible costs and can bring you eager traffic who is hungry for more and ready to explore something new.

Online users have a uncanny liking towards funny videos that can convey their feelings in a way which is not offending to anybody but at the same time hits hard on the issue. So, take a note of this video from this angle and explore your creativity.

For saner messages, use better videos though.

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