List of irregular verbs in English

List of irregular verbs whose past tense and past participle have two types of forms:

Infinitive Past Tense Past Participle
Burn Burned, Burnt Burned, Burnt
Dream Dreamed, Dreamt Dreamed, Dreamt
Dwell Dwelled, Dwelt Dwelled, Dwelt
Hang Hanged, Hung Hanged, Hung
Kneel Kneeled, Knelt Kneeled, Knelt
Lean Leaned, Leant Leaned, Leant
Leap Leaped, Leapt Leaped, Leapt
Learn Learned, Learnt Learned, Learnt
Light Lighted, Lit Lighted, Lit
Smell Smelled, Smelt Smelled, Smelt
Speed Speeded, Sped Speeded, Sped
Spill Spilled, Spilt Spilled, Spilt
Spoil Spoiled, Spoilt Spoiled, Spoilt
Weave Weaved, Woven Weaved, Woven
Wet Wetted, Wet Wetted, Wet

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