5 Ways in which people use FB Like button

Uses of Like buttonThe idea of writing this article popped in my mind when I used the Like button of Facebook for one of its various uses. Like button is a very unique feature of Facebook as it kinda gives a thumb’s up to the update or mark the involvement of the network.

However, there are some other things are that are conveyed or meant by pressing the Like button. Here are 5 of them that I could thought:

  1. To express genuine appreciation of the update, whether it is a photo, a text or a video, or even sharing a link.
  2. To let the other person know that the update has been read and the friends or the people in the network care about what’s being talked.
  3. To dislike the update (!). Because, there is no option of disliking the update, people use the Like button. This is particularly used where people have to show dissent towards the update or condemning the news.
  4. To market or popularize a particular update or shared item. This can be done because the person who made the update specifically asked to do so. It’s purely for online and social media marketing purposes.
  5. To stop a conversation. This is very interesting again. If there is a kind of conversation going on between two users and a point is reached where there is nothing more to say and one of them wants to stop the conversation, they press like. The other person automatically stops.

It would be interesting to know if there are other uses that users have in mind while using the Like button of FB. Share if you have any of them…

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