Interview with Yugraj Singh: The dashing icon of Indian Hockey

He was termed as one of the best drag flickers Hockey world ever see. Young, brave and dynamic, Yugraj Singh was fast becoming the face of Indian Hockey before tragedy struck hard and he met with an accident. Indeed, due to the inexplicable working of destiny, a brilliant career was cut-short and the whole nation gasped under its impact.

The accident was severe and Yugraj says that he was not even sure whether he would walk ever again. But valiant as he was off and on the ground, and with the wishes of people, he got up and regained his strength. He now coaches the National Indian Hockey team and has contributed immensely to its development.

Sandeep Singh, the rising star of the current Indian team, acknowledges the help that Yugraj gave him to become a world-class drag flicker.

We talked to this brave son of Indian Hockey on telephone:

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  1. Sky have no limits, Its called the passion, Really this man have a great sense of mind, Besties for your great future.

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