Business ideas around sports equipment manufacturing

Business ideas around sports factories

The workmanship behind making sports equipment is creative. Not every hand can create what the sports world requires. Talking to some sports industry people who manufacture sports goods and gears, I have come to know that getting skilled labor is a major problem faced by the companies. Installing machinery for making these sports goods is out of question due to cost involved. This is where companies from developed countries are winning the race in terms of business.

Business Ideas around sports equipment manufacturing
Photo taken in Jalandhar (Punjab)

The sports equipment industry in India is concentrated in few areas and the opportunity still remains untapped in various other areas of the country. If you think about opening a factory in Jalandhar (Punjab) and in Meerut (Uttar Pradesh), you will have to fight a very stiff competition. One of the options that can be tried is becoming an auxiliary of a big company/brand and getting outsourced projects to manufacture goods.

So, if you are up for opening a sports equipment manufacturing business in India, you will need to take care of lots of issues. Some of them would be:

  • Availability of raw material
  • Availability of skilled labor
  • Endorsement and marketing of your goods and gears by some famous sports personality
  • Government policies that you might not find conducive for small businesses

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  1. i wanna start a manufacturing related to sports goods like socks, belts,mufral, etc
    what should i do ?
    i am in big confusion that where to sell this kind of product?

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