Interview with Manish Wadhwa: The Chanakya character of modern TV days

He belongs to Ambala Cantt. in Haryana but is one of the most favorite actors on TV in the present times. If you have seen the famous TV serial Chandragupta Maurya, the character of Chanakya is played by Manish Wadhwa.

He says that he always wanted to do acting and nothing else. He says that if he is asked to do anything else, he won’t be able to do because he has concentrated all his life on acting. No wonder that this concentration fetched him many awards right from the school days to the university level before he cut big on the TV screen.

He mentioned that the character of Chanakya was a challenge and a very rare opportunity and he is happy that the audience has liked it. He also points out that to make the role more closer to the seriousness, he has not blinked ever while in the character of Chanakya.

We present a telephonic interview with Manish.

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