Interview with Ashok Malhotra

Ashok MalhotraHe grew along with legendary Kapil Dev while dreaming about Cricket Supermans and suddenly found himself amongst them. He played the Ranji Trophy at the age of 16 years and quickly realized that he could become a part of the Indian National team.

Ashok Malhotra was a very good batsman though he did not do much justice to his own potential.

He though remains a keen observer of the game of the Cricket and is running an academy where he coaches youngsters who dream of making it big. He also offers his views as an expert to the TV channels.

He says that youngsters should concentrate on Test Cricket if they want to become great players because it is the best method to prove their worth. They should simply focus on Twenty20 wave.

We present a telephonic interview with Ashok.

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  1. A person with wider-view of cricket. I love to hear him on Sahara Samay everyday, very accurate pre-match comments and team strategies. I would like to see him again as an Indian coach

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