Hindi Poem on Trees for UKG Class

Very recently, I have started sitting with my daughter and randomly trying to make rhymes in Hindi…it is a good pastime during the lockdown period and also helps in language learning for a kid. My daughter likes it and has in fact started making some lines which rhyme. She could notice the refrain and smile at the sound of the words.

Today, while doing this random exercise, I wrote this small poem on poems for kids of very young age, like maybe 3-4 years old. So, if you are searching for a ‘baccho ki poem’ on Trees in Hindi, this could serve the purpose.

Feel free to use it any way that you want.


Baccho Ki Poem in Hindi

पेड़ों की छाया के नीचे

बचपन और बुढ़ापा बीते

पानी देकर माली सींचे

पक्षी सोएं आँखें भींचे

तोड़ें फल शाखाएं खींचे

आओ लगाएं बाग बगीचे

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