Hindi Poem for Class 1

Hindi Poem for Class 1 Students

My daughter studies in first grade and she often comes home with a request or the ‘homework’, which is actually parents’ work to prepare a short poem so that she could recite it. While it is a wonderful activity for children as they learn to speak new words, get over their stage-fear, and also get to know the language better, it is very difficult to find suitable poems for children of such age to recite.

I have faced this problem many times. My wife keeps prodding me why I don’t write some poems for her because I claim to be a poet. Well, lately, I have given it a thought and have decided that whenever I could, I will write short poems that I could share here on my blogs for parents who are looking for new poems in Hindi for their children.

I am sharing the first such poem that I wrote–please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion or any type of feedback if you found it useful for your child.

Poem for Kids in Hindi


बंदर के पास था एक खिलौना

संभाल उसे वो रखता था

खेलने से पहले भाई हाथ धो लेना

सबसे यही वो कहता था


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