Gear up your car for the next monsoon

During monsoons there is water all around. As a car owner, a few important practices will help you exercise special care of your car during monsoons.

Crystal clear windshield is essential for a safe journey. While you set out for a drive on a rainy day, ensure that the wipers are working properly. If the wiper is faulty or not functioning properly the visibility of the windshield during rains will be seriously affected. Wiper blades are very important components that you must care for. Always go for good quality wiper blades and keep changing them at regular intervals since damaged wiper blades might leave scratches on the windshield.  A mild cleaning solution or shampoo is advisable for letting run on the windshield than plain water.

After a drive on a rainy day, it is natural to find mud and slush splashed all around the car exteriors. Clean your car using some good cleaning solutions. This will help you remove the mud stains without letting any scratch on the surface during the cleaning process. Covering your car with dry and waterproff car covers and keeping the car in a warm area are a good way of safeguarding the car exteriors during monsoons.

The seats and upholstery might get damp and emit an unpleasant smell. Dry or wet clothes won’t be good to clean the upholstery. It is good to use the upholstery cleaner to do this since it will not only clean them properly, but also leave a fragrant smell. Rubber mats will prove good for an easy maintenance than fabric ones as they won’t get soaked to emit a bad smell.

Check your car tyres and keep them under good condition before monsoon. Always have a spare tyre and carry puncture repair kit to manage emergencies. During monsoons, you need to attend the electrical components with special care. Keep some extra fuses with you to meet emergencies. Regularly grease the battery terminals and have some spare bulbs.

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