Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Battery is the very life breath of every car. The importance of car battery maintenance is realised every time you start the car. If the battery is not in a proper condition, you will never be able to start the car. Battery problems are a common menace to car owners. However, the fact remains that through proper maintenance you can ensure the sound condition of the battery. A well maintained battery means a smooth and safe drive in addition to an instant starting everytime you turn on the key.

There are a few tips that I can give you to take proper care of your car battery. Make these tips a habitual routine and you will see your car battery last long in a good condition.

Never keep the car headlights and other lights on for a long time. When not in use, turn off the car airconditioning. Avoid excessive honking of your car horn. On the whole, unnecessary strain on your batteries weakens them.

Keep your battery terminals free of rust and corrosion. Unnecessary deposits at the tips of terminals block the circuit thereby impacting smooth start-ups. Most battery problems start with rusting of battery parts and cables. Sprays and glues that prevent corrosion can help you maintain your batteries properly. Deposits of bluish green or white powder layers observed anywhere on your car batteries indicate that you need to service your battery.

Battery terminals should always be rust-free. This you must do carefully without damaging the battery and creating short-circuits. A handy wire brush will help you scrap off the corrosions from your car battery.

One of the proven ways to clean car batteries is to let run good quantities of boiling water over the corroded battery parts before you initiate the cleaning process. This will help dislodge the rust deposits and ease the cleaning process.

Installing larger size or more number of plates in the car batteries is found to increase its life for a few more years.

While purchasing new batteries always look for the product specification to check whether the particular make will suit the weather of your locality and the running conditions of your car.

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