How to care for the cracks and Dings in car windshield

Regular checking of windshields is very crucial for car owners. Dings caused in car windshields during summer or spring seasons might lead up to a break in winter. Cars are used the most during warm seasons. More driving invariably gives way to more vibration. Vibrations can get a ding expand letting you see a cracked windshield. Under warm weathers most people use airconditioners in their cars. Sudden temperature transitions from hot to cold can also impact the windshield stressing the ding to crack. There are a few things that you need to bear in mind if you happen to see a star or ding on your windshield.

Dings that are cone shaped or look like a deep circle or star with spreading out pointers, you need to attend them and repair immediately since they can lead to cracks under vibrations. Do not try to repair the dings by yourself without proper experience and tools, otherwise you will end up damaging it more and complicating the repair. If possible, paste a clear tape over the ding to prevent any contamination till the repair is done.

Keep the dings free of soaps and excess water at the time of washing since heavy washing and soaps can contaminate or cause the ding to expand. Never slam the car doors or close them while the windows are fully rolled up. During these instances, the air pressure caused inside the car might make the ding spread.

Defrosters, heaters or air conditioners run on high settings might impact the dings and worsen them. Similarly, parking the vehicles under sun might cause rapid changes in the interior temperature thereby weakening the windshield.

Repair the cracks as early as possible depending on their size. Till the time of repair, you can paste a clear tape over the cracked area as you did over the dings. Remember that rough use of the car and rash driving will worsen the dings and cracks leading to breakage.

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