Dissimilarities between Ubuntu and Windows continued

What is different in two of these operating systems

While we discussed some points of dissimilarity on the desktop of Ubuntu, here we are trying to get some dissimilar points while using some programs or software in Ubuntu. Okay here are some points that I noticed.

  • The mouse pointer does not work as quick as it does with Microsoft Windows. You will feel a bit uncomfortable in the start.
  • If you remember, double clicking on the title bar of the browser used to maximize the browser in Microsoft Windows. However, if you do it in Ubuntu, it just wraps up the browser into a title bar.
  • While you use open-source word processor created by Sun Microsystems Inc., you won’t find the symbols used in short-cut menus that you are used to apply while using Microsoft Office. So, you better need to acclimate to this environment to get used to the new symbols.
  • If you create a file and want to delete it, after you press the delete button, it asks you to confirm it but its options are different and you can’t press “y” to make it go. The options are changed to “cancel” and “delete.
  • While you use open source word processor, you won’t get prompted if you don’t enter and a name for the file while you save it. You will have sort it out yourself that you are not entering the name and therefore it is not executing the command.
  • If you save the file in .doc format, it still won’t get the logo that you are used to get for your Microsoft Word files. So, you will have to make yourself aware of this change.

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